Cuba // キューバのツーリストカード取得に必要な物。その前に旅行保険カバーが必須!




Information for the purchase of tourist tickets

As a tourist, all German and foreign citizens who have their permanent residence in Germany travel with a tourist card and their passport which is still valid for 6 months. Children always travel with their own passport with photo. A further visa is not required for entry into Cuba. The tourist card is valid for 6 months to enter Cuba. From the date of entry a stay of 30 days in Cuba is permitted. The stay can be extended for another 30 days on site at the local migration authorities. The tourist cards can be purchased through our consulate, if you are a package tourist and do not already have them from your travel agency.
If the applicant appears in person, it costs 22 €. To purchase the Tourist Card, it is an absolute requirement that you pay by EC card for the completed form, a copy of the main page of your passport, a copy of the proof of your health insurance coverage* for Cuba and the amount if you appear in person.
If you wish to apply for the Tourist Card for other people who do not appear in person, the price per Tourist Card will increase to 47 euros for each of them (25 euros for the ‘Non-Personal Application’). Tourist cards are issued immediately at the consulate with a short waiting period.
You can also apply for the Tourist Card by post. In addition to the actual fee of 22 euros, an extra fee of 25 euros is charged for the ‘non-personal application’. The fee for the ‘non-personal application’ is charged for each individual tourist card if you do not appear in person at the consulate. In addition to the things already mentioned above, you must also enclose an appropriately pre-franked, oblong envelope (we recommend a registered letter – 3.75 euros) with your address. In this case, the applicable fees must be paid by bank transfer.
The consulate assumes no liability for letters lost in the mail or cash dropped out.

Only bank transfers are accepted for payment of consular formalities by post. One must send the exact fees depending on the formality.  The post offices are not responsible for loss of cash, unless it is forbidden to send cash by post, even though it is a registered letter. In the case of bank transfers, you must bear in mind that as long as the bank does not send us a confirmation of receipt of the transfer, we will not be able to proceed with your formality.
All formalities received in our Consular Section by post with cash will be returned to the sender without exception. The Consular Section is not liable for any loss of these values by post.
Tourist cards once purchased through the Consulate cannot be returned. Please send only the specified documents as copies. Travel/booking documents or hotel reservations are not required. By post, please allow approx. 2 weeks for processing (including postage). German as well as Cuban holidays are considered public holidays.
*You can prove your health insurance coverage either by sending a copy of the first page of the insurance policy or a confirmation of the insurance provider. The document must state the name of the insurer, the policyholder, the scope of validity, and it must state that services provided by the Cuban health system are covered.




  • パスポート
  • ツーリストカード申請用紙(こちらこちら
  • パスポートのコピー
  • パスポート
  • 旅行保険(キューバがカバーしているかわかるものを提示)
  • 念の為、飛行機の予約がわかる物(ご自身の飛行機の日程が書いてある物)
  • 念の為、ホテル、またはairbnbを印刷した物数カ所で滞在の場合は1箇所分でOK)










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